Join Tom and his friends in the Summer holidays of 1984, just before children were distracted by
the internet and mobile phones. Venture into The Other World via the beat of the Shaman’s Drum.

Cross The Graveyard Of The Damned. Battle with the demonic Bildrogs and the mind bending
Miradons. Tremble and chuckle at the comical Satanic Witches, Gildrude, Magmuk and
Humphag, connoisseurs of children’s flesh.

Don’t say your prayers with the Scarecrows from The Church Of The Insane, you may just lose
your head. Roll up to see the Clowns from The Circus Of The Anti-Christ but don’t expect
to leave laughing.

Join the Black Magic Circle of The Brotherhood Of The Jackal – they are sure to make
you disappear, never to be seen again. Stand in awe below the giant
Owl God, Malodin – he’s a real hoot!

Meet the Power Animals – the courageous Wolf and his pack, the well educated, well spoken
Mouse, and the cheeky Cockney White Lion – and Spirit Guide, Kendo, a Japanese
Samurai Warrior, who never had the stomach for seppuku, ritual death by disembowelment.

Get to know 10 year old Tom and his cousins, 11 year old Emily and her brother, and Tom’s best mate,
10 year old Jake. Meet their friends, 10 year old Anaemic Ben, a frail boy with a mop of blond hair, dark
rimmed, sad, blue eyes, and pale skin. The last person to be picked for any school yard games. And then there
is Mad Mick, the 11 year old, shaven headed giant who wouldn’t look out of place as a night club bouncer.
Everyone, including parents and teachers fear Mad Mick, but all he wants is a friend.

Can Tom help his Dad find a way out of the dimension he is trapped in, or will he be lost forever.

If you are scared of spiders, bats and things that go bump in the night, then these books aren’t for you, for they
will turn you into a plate of shivering jelly. Only the brave and courageous read Tom O’Kell.

Tom O’Kell & The Papanuk – Due out 2015

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